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Installed my B-Cool Billet Grill the other day. It looks awesome! :D

The half hour installation job took an hour and a half because a couple of avoidable problems. If you do the grill, be aware of the following:

I opened the 3-piece top grill first. Read all the directions and went to work. Basically, you install the B-Cool over the top of the OEM grill. The trick is getting back behind the OEM grill to position a plates to screw to. Of course, you can just take the whole grill off, but I did not want to mess with that, so I got lots of scratches getting my hands back there. But I did it!

Next, I opened the lower grill and read the directions. Guess what it said at the top? "If you are installing both the top and bottom grill, install the bottom first! You must remove the entire top grill in order to gain access to the bottom grill area." What the F%#@! If I had known that, I wouldn't have busted my knuckles getting the top grill done. It would have been a breeze once the entire grill was off. How hard would it have been to put that warning at the top of both sets of directions? We are talking about high school marketing and customer service. :eek:

So anyway, I removed the entire top grill. The botton went on easily, and then I put the top back on.

The next problem I had was the Nissan Badge. I wanted to keep it, but the kit did not include a wat to do that. After thinking about it for a while, I finally resorted to weather resistant, 3m two-sided tape. It worked well. :rolleyes:

I heard that some kits have a circle cut out for the badge, but I much prefer it on top of the grill. Judge for yourselves....


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