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Back Glass replacement & Intell Camera 2018 platinum model

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Hi! I have a 2018 Plat Armada that needed the back glass replaced. The tech came and did the replacement but used double sided tape to hold it in place? He stated he had never seen that type of on glass camera before :rolleyes:.. anyone have experience with that camera or glass replacement? I am going to go back to the onsite facility next week and wanted to make sure I understood what the correct way the camera is supposed to be anchored on the glass. It looks haphazard the way he did it and off center so want it done properly. Thanks for any advice.
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I haven't seen it personally but if the double-sided tape is "decent" enough, then no need to be worried. Many aftermarket spoilers/deck lid are attached by double-sided tape. Those are relatively heavier and subject to harsher environment than the camera inside the cabin.
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