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Bad oil change experience at the dealership

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I took my Armada for an oil change this weekend at a local Nissan dealership and for a tire rotation. After waiting for almost 2 hours they gave me my keys, I paid $19.95 for the oil change and $19.95 for the tire rotation. When I left the dealership I do not know if it is me or something but the engine sounds smoother after a new oil change and mine did not sound like that. Therefore, I suspected foul play.

I took the Armada to a local car wash and while I waited for my turn I decided to check the oil. Voila! the oil was smelly and burned out. They did not change the oil and did not do a tire rotation. I was so upset :censor: that I called the service manager and demanded and explanation. He told me that I was seeing things and it was not possible.

I demanded a refund on my credit card and he agreed. An hour later he calls me back to apologize, he explained that his mechanic made a mistake and changed the oil to the wrong Armada. He offered a free oil change and tire rotation. Guys if you take your automobiles to any dealer and you can not see the technician doing the oil change, like it was my case PLEASE CHECK IT! they never expected me to check the oil after I left. :thumbdown
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If you want it done right..........

If you want it done it yourself! I cringe every time I have to bring a truck or motorcycle to a dealer for any kind of work. They play "beat the clock" all day long, day after day . The poor techs are being hammered on to perform tasks in a limited amount of time and quality suffers. When I do it, I KNOW what materials and parts went in and all the bolts are tight.
I'd say good/bad experience with the dealership. Anytime you can get an organization (the service department, an insurance company, etc) to call you back and admit they were in error - you are way ahead of the game. First, you know you have an honest person to work with. And second, they know they screwed up and will likely treat you more carefully on your next visit. At least the guy didn't hang up with you after your original call and forget your concerns.

On the other hand - fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Don't know if I'd go back for service and tempt fate, or move to another dealership for warranty work.
Never Again

I told the service manager that I did not trust them no more, I will never go back there again. I think I will buy the oil myself and the filter. I live in a Condo where it is impossible for me to do an oil change without getting a fine from the condo association. As far as warranty work I will go somewhere else.
I had the same experience before. now I always draw an "X" with a marker on the oil filter. Just to make sure they really change it. So far, they have been honest.
Good tip andy

andy said:
I had the same experience before. now I always draw an "X" with a marker on the oil filter. Just to make sure they really change it. So far, they have been honest.
I will do the same
I never leave the side of my vehicle when they are working on it. If they won't let me be there, my vehicle won't be there. Insurance liability is BS. I worked in a garage for 3 years. It was an excuse we used to keep problem customers out of the garage. If they understand that you are going to be quiet and not disturbed by removing and replacing parts, they are pretty good about you staying on the sidelines and observing. ;)
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