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I got a 04 LE 4x4 that has an irritating noise coming from the passenger front wheel area. The problem started around the time of my second brake fix at the dealer. I haven't linked the two together, but that is about when it started (~6-7 months ago). Anyhow. At first I dismissed it as a tire problem as I have ~30K on the factory tires.

However, I recently had the tires rotated and noticed the problem was still in the same location.

The noise is more audible on certain roads then others. Increases slightly with speed, but is more distinguishable at low speeds. Sounds like a wooh wooh wooh wooh (hard to describe). Imagine a pulsating noise. The dealer says I need new tires, even after I have specified the problem didn't change after rotating them. I hate bashing dealers, but mine is just not cooperating and insists the problem was because I didn't rotate my tires enough (I rotated them every other oil change). I don't feel like changing tires anytime soon as I have enough tread to last me another 5-8K, but I need this problem fixed.

Sounds like a wheel bearing or something to me, possibly screwed up when they installed the latest brake upgrade.

Any suggestions on how to approach the dealer with this issue and getting it resolved? I have 6K until my warranty is up, and I'd like to get the problem resolved ASAP. I am capable of fixing the problem myself, but I shouldn't have to and nor do I want to.

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