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Benvento?? Dual Flap Sunroof Deflector

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i saw this on ebay and i just wanted some opinions and suggestions i dont want to purchase a tacky one so please help me out and tell me which is a decent sunroof deflector and where i could get one thanks :D
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Don't think it will work very well. It looks low profile so there will be a lot of airflow in driving you crazy at speeds above about 40mph. I have nissans deflector which stands about 4" high. It lets in air but won't blow you out. You have to get a deflector IMO or the sunroof is worthless because the front is so low its like a huge air dam that puts so much air/noise in you have to close it above about 25mph......

Like I said the factory one works great, I can go 80mph down the freeway with it open. If I want more air I open the back wings, more still crack the side window (I have weatherflectors so it still stays fairly quiet).
Noise maker gimmick thingy. Kinda like those neon dual blade windshield wipers. Run, don't walk away.

Thanks for the replies they help.i will most likely go with the factory deflector haha and RUN away from this "dual flip" thing but if anyone else has anything to say just go ahead and keep replying suggestions are always great but thanks for the posts makes my purchase a lot easier :urock:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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