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What exhaust matches up best with a Volant CAI?!

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i recently was lucky enough to hook up with the Volant ppl and they used my 'mada for some R&D. although it sounds great with the stock exhaust, i am not getting the most out of the volant CAI!

as i understand it, there are 5 exhaust systems in the market:

  • Stillen
  • Magnaflow
  • Banks
  • Flowmaster
  • Gibson
i'm kinda debating on a dual swept side exhaust, but i'm afraid that'll lose HP rather than gaining!

with that said, can i get some advice on which exhaust would work best with the Volant CAI?!

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Thought I'd revive this and see if there are more owners with aftermarket exhaust here now who can offer opinions. I would like to upgrade the exhaust and airbox to get a mile or two exta mpg and some performance. I want something that is not much louder than stock when I want it to be and gives a nice growl when I want it to also.
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