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You know....when I first got my Mada', I thought it sounded great already and was quite happy with the sound in stock form. After looking under the chassis and noticing the crimped y pipe, I said "no way". Being the motorhead that I am, I had the Banks system installed. I'm not going into detail on how it performs but I do notice a punchier take off. I also have the Volant intake system which was previously installed with the OEM exhaust. Like I said, It does feel punchier off the line and I notice a difference, but it may be just in my head. Looking at the new Banks Y pipe, it does look beefy and definately looks more free flowing than the stock one. After dropping almost $1000 with the Banks and Volant intake, it must be subliminally telling me it feels punchier. I think a dyno would tell the truth but there's not one around where I live.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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