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well, if it helps I bought a 2008 QX56 November 30, 2010, and the beast had it's original brand new Michelin tires on it, 275/60/20... now is November 8, 2011, and I'll tell you brother, they suck ***, honestly, I got my two rear tires eaten up on the outside of the tire, both..... honestly I don't like them at all, the front ones are still hanging in there, they are wearing out pretty even, I went and did a tire balance, alignment and rotation on it about a month ago because i notice one tire all ****ed up, but now, both of them are ****ed up, those are the rear ones.. anyways, I don't know what the deal is, you would expect more from a 220 dollar tire.. so there u go buddy, as for me, Michelin ain't that big of a deal, unless u buy the really expensive ones i guess.. right now looking at the cooper discoverer H/T plus tires, same size, they look nice and have pretty good reviews.. and since I work on a tire mold company I have worked on cooper molds and they look sweet and are really cared for, I remember I worked on them and they had to be perfect as they went out the factory for tire production, so they are a pretty good tire overall.. ohh and also check out the Toyo tires, match Michelin quality or even better, I've done them also, really good tires.. 100% guaranteed, just a little expensive though... good luck dude..
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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