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Andrei said:
I have for sale SonyEricsson HCB-300 bluetooth with MB-01 device which will allow you to connect HCB-300 right in the Bose cd changer without cutting any wires. It will mute the radio or Cd on incoming or outgoing call, sound will go through the main Armada speakers. You will not need an additional speaker for the phone system. Same setup I have in my Armada. This one I was thinking to install to my wife's Nissan Murano, but we just traded in the murano. This setup will work in any Armada or Murano with Bose.
Email me, if interested. I paid for HCB-300 $200.00 and for MB-01 (which I found in Canada) another $100.00. This items are brand new and will have the installation instructions. I want $300.00 plus shipping.

I also have for sale headlights for Armada/ Titan.
Hey Anybody????? :crikey:

Andrei mentioned finding an MB-01 in Canada that allowed him to seamlessly integrate his sonyericsson bluetooth device into his nissan/bose system.

I want to get one. Does anyone have more information on what an MB-01, like who makes it, and how to obtain it.

Please help, Thanks -Jesse
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