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I've heard there is a plug and play bluetooth for the Armada. It supposedly plug into the CD changer plug but I have the OEM indash 6 disc player/ Bose system would it still work.Does anyone know what make and model number and doesit have to be certain model phones.
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This is the only thing that's been mention on this mysterious bluetooth adapter. The person never reply so we know it exist but nothing else, ie..model number or where to get it from.:confused:
The original poster no longer owns an Armada and thus never visit this site anymore. However, I did email him a few months ago and he told me that he can try to find out where he got his interface and let me know. He told me that this interface is custom made and taps into the wiring harness and the cd changer, when used in conjunction with IHF 1000 (motorola handfree blue tooth kit). the interface would mute the sound when there is a incoming call.
okay..I was doing a research and if the harness did not change for the 04-06Armada's with or without BOSE then I think this will work..

then this to hook up the IHF1000 Bluetooth Phone Kit without any cutting involve.

And for people looking for a harness and an adaptor to add the ability to view video on your factory navigation screen look at this harness and adaptor
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Great find ezemaxima!! I was looking for a harness for the factory nav.
baseballfanz said:
Also here's one for Parrot, plug and play harness
has anyone successfully installed and is currently using the parrot in their 'mada?

if so..i'd like some feedback, thanks.
baseballfanz said:
This one is install in a Titan
thx for the heads up. hopefully he can give us a "members price" or maybe even a group buy!
baseballfanz said:
Also here's one for Parrot, plug and play harness
SDGuy (from the Nissan Titan Forums) said:
As for a group buy, I mentioned in a PM to someone that we had a real hard time getting 10 people together on the Infiniti FX forum. The Parrots have a very low margin and I sell them as a matter of convenience so that people can buy a bundle. My profit is in my harness adapter and it takes me 2 hours to build and test each one. So not to be snooty, but the short answer is probably "no". But thanks for asking Howard
looks like no groupbuy on the parrot system. how about a groupbuy on the harness itself since he makes them.
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