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Borla Installed!

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The Borla combined with my air charger is pure bliss. The sound is sweet and the truck just feels so much smoother and less restrictive. She really has some serious lungs. It is not loud, just throaty and deep. The sound is very refined and IMO classy. Sounds like a finely tuned machine. This engine deserves so much more than the stock set up, these mods really free up this engine. Low end torque has not changed and at highway speeds the truck just cruises along and effortlessly accelerates with less gear changing when needing to pass. It is also no louder at highway speeds, just deeper.

Someone commented about the driver side exit piping running close to the compressor for the shocks. No problem here, it is a good 4-5 inches away from it. The crossover pipe is also 4-5 inches away from the backside of the rear diff. There were no clearance problems during the install and Borla does an excellent job with fit and finish. The kit was totally complete (minus) the flange gaskets which obviously can be re used if you like. Highly recommend this set up.
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