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Took my 2015 Platinum Reserve with 74k mi. in last week for oil change at dealer. I asked them to check the hollow ringing noise I kept hearing when it would start. Turned out to be cracked exhaust manifold.
So while they were changing oil I wentto look at some new Armadas. They had a 2020 Platinum with 1800 mi. Ended up trading in mine for this only because they wanted it gone and I got a sweet deal.

-First, the obvious muscle memory of everything about my old one.
-No armrests, old one had them on driver and passenger side.
-It’s black on black. My old one was white with two tone brown leather inside.
-Driver’s seat feels like it’s not as long front from front to back.
-Third row seat backs don’t go all the way down flat, old one seats went down flat.

Now for the main event: Really don’t like the headrest DVD players. You have to put the disc in the front stack and now both screens have to watch that video. With my old one you inserted the disc directly into each player, meaning each could watch their own movie.
In essence, each kid was self contained back there they could switch out the discs when they wanted. Now, I have to do it up front and it’s already annoying.

What I’m wondering is if I can switch out the headrests for ones that have the style my ‘15 had?
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