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Bought in January - Over 7000K miles!

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Wow! Great forum! I'm glad to see an Armada specific site...
Being a mother of a very tall 13 y/o girl and very short 18 mo old girl, I needed a vehicle that would fit both kids comfortably in the back seat. We also have two dogs that love to travel.
The Armada has been perfect for our needs as a family. We can haul everyone and our luggage, and still have plenty of leg room.
Since we live in the mountains (7500 ft), it is important we have plenty of power to climb the hills, and 4WD to negotiate the snowy roads.
I love the aggressive look of the Armada, and think it is the best looking SUV available.
The forums have been awesome addressing some of the same issues I'm having with my rig.
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Thanks for the welcome! : )

DrtKween comes from my Administration of the Dodge Ram Truck (DiRT)mailing list... LOL, and my love for 4wheeling. Haven't purposefully tried out the Armada in the dirt, yet. Probably will this summer.

Wanted to take it to Moab for Safari, but the timing just didn't work out...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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