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Bought one !!!!

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Just bought an 06 LE, Galaxy, Graphite, 4 x4, Tech w/ sat. ,DVD. $41,995. Had it for $49,850 at another dealer but they were $500 less on my trade.

I think I did well. They are getting it for me and it should be here on Mon or Tues.
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I live in sunny N. Cali, but we go to the mountains a lot and see muddy/snowy conditions. 4wd is seldom needed but when you would have been stuck in 2wd on that lonely dead end road in the mountains late on a Sunday night it is worth every penny to be on my way home to a hot meal and shower instead of digging and/or going for help. If I was a boater I would have it too after witnessing the problems some have had on the ramps. All my vehicles are 4wd, won't leave home without it.
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