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brake problem

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:mad: Oh, god please help us.okay, situattion is that I didn't drive my armada for a "whole week".When I did, the 2 back caliper were shut frozen.I took it to the dealer and still 2weeks later is in the shop.The stupid calipers are on back order.So, I called today thursday and they said maybe 2 more weeks.COME ON, it's 70 outside and I'm stuck with an 05 hyundai elantra, no air, no cd, no power, no sunroof:mad: ....... Okay, :mad: in other words what the H.LL 4 weeks to fix the brakes because nissan does not have them made yet. So, hopefully no one else has the same problem and goes thru this.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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easy to find and fix in united arab emirates UAE orin the gulf .... rder rom her looooool...
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