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Update from the message below as of 8/03/05 @ 6:12PM PCT
Just got the Armada from the dealer. And as previous post stated they said the trembling will reoccur again after about 2500mls and I will have to get it repaired again with a temporary kit until the get the actual size. This is frustrating being that its a new vehicle. I am going to contact the Nissan Consumers Affair.

Note: I asked the dealer are there causes and affects that may occurr on other areas with the Armada (alignment, wear and tear on the tires etc) based pn this problem. I also mentioned to them for something so minor that can cause your steering column to tremble like do I have to be worried about issues down the road in other areas within the steering column because of the original problem. Of course they said "no".
Submitted around 4:00PM PCT on 8/03/05
As I was putting my car in the shop for the brake issue there were about 3 other individuals in there for the same thing. This is outrageous. I think there is a safety concern here. I dont know about any of you but this issue is causing my steering wheel/column to tremble as I am driving. It sounds very scary as if my left front tire is about to come off. I kidd you not, one day it was so bad that as soon as I got to my drive way I got out the car and checked the left side front tire bolts to be sure that everything was tightened. It seems to happen to me when I step down on the brake and get to mid-level then the steering wheel begins to tremble. It also acts weird when I turn right.

Although they are fixing it, there is no telling the causes and affects this may have on other areas with the Armada (alignment, wear and tear on the tires etc). For something so minor to cause your steering column to tremble like that makes you wonder what else can go wrong. This just should not happen to a brand new vehicle.
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