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Brake shimmy with 17" wheels?

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I am just curious if anyone out there with an '04 with the off road package (17" wheels) has the brake shimy problem? In theory the brakes would have more leverage over the wheel and have an easier way to go. Like to hear if this theory holds up in practice.

'04 smoke 4 x 4 3600 mile and a little shimmy
'05 Mini Cooper S
'94 BMW 325iC
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Welcome to the world of what's amada with your brakes. I have had the brakes turned twice and replaced once on 3 seperate visits. I am now awaiting the new brake kits and I only have 11K on '04 Armada. I have only towed my boat once so I know that's not the issue. But there are several people who have had the issue and tire size has nothing to do with it. It's undersized rotors that are heating up and warping prematurely. Visit your local dealer and he'll add you to their "list". I just hope this new kit is better than the last kit.
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