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Brakes Aftermarket

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I also have a 2005 SE Armada. I hear all these problems about brakes front rotors to small yada yada yada, but has anyone tried an after market kit. I know of 3 Kits # 1 is new rotors made of much better high carbon steel,drilled and slotted and no modificatons whatsoever. You can use stock calipers and pads. Price $290. a set of two.(Brakeworld .com). Set # 2 is 14 inch drilled and slotted rotors, daul piston calipers two stainless steel brake lines and all nessary hardware for installation.Designed to work with oem master cylinder and ABS system and will work with Nissan stock 18 inch rims.Price $1,395. Set 3 is same as above but a 15 inch rotor kit however you will need to put 20 inch rims to accomodate kit.( Price $2,995.NO more Dealer BS PRICELESS. I know a bit expensive for 14 or 15 inch kit,but if I have to start going to dealer every 4 or 5 thousand miles for brakes I will install the 14 inch kit. Was wpondering why no one else has tried an after market kit, besides the loss of brake warranty wich I belive is only good for 16000 miles anyhow. :confused:
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If you don't have the time for the dealer then you don't. I won’t spend that kind of money to fix a new $40,000. It is Nissans responsibility and they are continuing to work on it. I just do not know why they don't just take the concept of these aftermarket kits and get it done sooner.
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