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Brakes Pulling Right at low speed

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A new brake problem. Started day before yesterday. Brake squeal from front brakes followed by a slight pull to the right that becomes very noticeable under about 5mph (steering wheel turns approx 20-45 degrees to the right if not held tight). At any other normal speed 25mph and higher, braking is excellent, no squeal, straight line stopping - until you get to the very end.

I inspected the left front brake, fearing that a pad had disintegrated, etc. Nothing. Same with passenger side.

Random info: new rotors fix approx 10k ago with no further warping problems. Just approaching 30k on the truck. Almost exclusively rural highway and in town driving with occasional trip down the interstate.

Any ideas?

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Stock tires and wheels.

Plenty of meat on the pads and the low pad indicator isn't rubbing.

The only external factor I can add is that the weather just bumped from 40-60 to 60-80 over the past two days.
Thanks. Looks like I found a project for Memorial Day weekend. I'll take some photos if I find anything.
I pulled the other tire and inspected the brakes. Again, no obvious problems, no scoring on the rotor, no cracks or other issues with the pistons. I reassembled it and cleaned it thoroughly with brakleen. Then took her for a test drive.

About 95% of the problem is gone. I'll add more info if the problem reappears after a few more miles of driving.
Problem returns

Brake pull has returned. It is now noticeable at higher speeds (approx 30mph) and is very reminiscent of when my front drums on my 65 Mustang would get wet - if you hit the brakes mildly you better have a good grip on the steering wheel. Armada consistently pulls right.

So I'm scheduling a service appointment for next week. I'll be interested to hear what they find.

On the good side - the front brakes have yet to warp in the over 5k since the updated rotor repair.

Update on this.

First, the brake fix that is talked about elsewhere doesn't deal with sticky calipers, pistons, etc - it is aimed squarely at size, quality, and heat dissipating properties of the rotor and pads.

Took the truck into the dealership. They inspected the brakes and found nothing out of order other than the pads that were replaced as part of the rotor/pad/bolts upgrade had the parts sticker still on the backing. This was identified as a possible source of the recent brake squeal.

As for the pulling to the right - dealership highlighted a need for alignment and tire balancing. Fine - it's been 20k since the last balance/rotation and 30k since the original alignment.

I'm not convinced the problem is solved. The wife picked up the truck last night, I'll drive it this afternoon to see if it's fixed.
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