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Brakes Pulling Right at low speed

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A new brake problem. Started day before yesterday. Brake squeal from front brakes followed by a slight pull to the right that becomes very noticeable under about 5mph (steering wheel turns approx 20-45 degrees to the right if not held tight). At any other normal speed 25mph and higher, braking is excellent, no squeal, straight line stopping - until you get to the very end.

I inspected the left front brake, fearing that a pad had disintegrated, etc. Nothing. Same with passenger side.

Random info: new rotors fix approx 10k ago with no further warping problems. Just approaching 30k on the truck. Almost exclusively rural highway and in town driving with occasional trip down the interstate.

Any ideas?

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You need to inspect the caliper pistons on the right caliper. There have been some problems with the pistons cracking/chipping. This could cause the brake on that wheel to not release completely. Don't worry about a idler/pittman arm since there aren't any on the Armada. (rack and pinion steering don't use them)
This is a problem that need attention now. Correct it before it causes more damage. If you aren't confortable doing the work yourself take it to someone you trust. If it is piston failure it should still be covered under warranty..
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