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Had it a week and brake problems

Hi all,
I am the one that bought the used Armada LE with ~24K miles.
I went to for a short errand yesterday and started pulling out of a parking lot and had a terrible feeling. It felt and sounded a lot like the ABS engaging but I was only going a few miles per hour and as I drove off the sounds went away. When I went to stop again, the same thing only more grab this time and a definete pull to the right. I looked down and the brake light went on.

Even though it sounds like ABS, it feels like a caliper hanging up. I understand from the previous owners that the dealer had replaced the rotors and the pads with no fight. I called the dealer right away - of course it was 5PM on Friday, so I am taking it in on Tuesday. Really bums me out cause I wanted to clean it all up and drive it this weekend.

I left it at work last night since it was raining with 40-60 mph winds, didn't feel it was safe to drive in those conditions. The dealer said it was ok to bring home so I am going to go get it.

I'll post what they find on Tuesday.

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