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Brand New 05 Left over LE 4x4 loaded...loaded...loaded good deal?

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I just worked out a deal on a brand new 2005 leftover at a local dealer. The Amada is a 4x4 LE Technology group, DVD, etc... is $40K a good deal? MSRP is $48,130.. invoice is $43,543 and the current rebate is $2500. The vehicle is for my wife, she loves enterior and exterior colors. Is this a good enough deal to not get a 2006? Thanks for your advise.
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Make sure you get your out the door price. Taxes, tags, etc. I got mine for $45 out the door with 2% financing. Same Pkg you are looking at and I got it in December '04 when it was new.

Also, make sure you get the new brake rotors before taking delivery, or you will be back in 5-10k miles. Other than that, it should work well for you. I've had great luck with mine. The only thing I would recommend modifying right out the gate is tires. Get different ones, whether stock size on stock rims, or new rims and tires. The stock tires are junk and the mada rides much better, handles better wet and dry, etc. with good tires. Huge difference. ;)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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