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Build Date means old rotors, arghh

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Called Nissan today and they all but confirmed that my 2005 LE born on 4-13-05 does have the old rotors, I had them open a file for the inevitable problems that will be coming. I bought this 3 weeks ago, it was still in the shipping diapers, with 3 miles on it. I assumed that it was just built, but not the case. Anyway, lots of brake dust, but love my Armada. Will, let the dealer fix it when necessary, I told customer service that as long as I get a rental I will be fine. She said that I would, and gave me a reference number, also stated reason for no recall, is the same issue just lack of availability, they are producing new parts as quickly as they can, but no way to accomodate full recall at this time due to the lack of parts.
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A good rule of thumb is- if you have lots of brake dust, you've got the old parts.

I've had the permanent fix for about 2k miles now, and almost no dust- it's been about a 98% improvement!
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