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Burn OUT!

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Has anyone floored their Armada with VDC off? I'm wondering if we can break our rear tires loose with all the Torque we got.
I've floored it around a corner and got the back end way out there, but never off the line.
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If the air is really dry (low humidity) and cool/cold (below 60 degrees) and the road surface is not too sticky (older asphalt or concrete) and VDC is off, and I'm in forced 2wd, I can sometimes, but not consistently, break the rears loose when flooring it straight ahead, leaving about 4 or 5 feet of dual black streaks before it hooks up. But most of the time, it just hooks and goes. l
VeeTec said:
I plan on running mine down the strip. I am pretty sure I can get a high 14 out of it. I may find out this Friday.
Please let us know and post your times - not just quarter time and speed, but the intermediate numbers off the time slip. I have a thread elsewhere asking for this data. I have some 15.4's from last summer and intend to return again. I think with the engine broken in, synthetic fluids in the engine and rear diff, and a little cooler weather, it might do a little better.

A G-Tech Pro accelerometer I've been using was within a tenth last summer of the strip clock and has now been showing consistent 14.8's to 15.1's depending on ambient temperature and humidity, so your goal may be attainable.

But the Titans over at Titantalk that are running on the strip are not dipping into the 14's unless they have the full combo of cone type intake, cat back high flow exhaust with larger diameter H or Y pipes, and in some instances, running smaller height tires on the rear to increase effective gear ratio.

So, I don't know if my G-Tech is telling me the truth. It did last summer, but I'm skeptical. I'll be going back in a few weeks to a month to find out.

Please share your experience.
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