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Jason B.,

lower grill (bumper) Price=$275

upper grill (3 pcs) Price=$325

both lower (bumper) and lower (3 pcs) grill Price=$634

My question is..... How come I get a better price getting them separately? Lower $275 + Upper $325 = $600 or is this an error??? Can you also check how much for shipping on both to Lahaina, Hawaii 96761?

Thanks in advance Eric
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The correct price is the one for both, that you had. I now fixed the prices, and everything adds up correct now. I'll PM you with shipping to hawaii when I get the quote done.
Mesh Grilles

Is the one you sell the Upper Class grille or the Hybrid. I've seen both types out there. What is the difference in the two. Is one Chromed and one Polished Stainless.
Hybrid, and it's SAME as this picture:

The other version is around $1,000, yes, that's right. The other version, the mesh is chrome plated. I can get that one as well, but most don't want to spend 1k for grilles, do they?
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