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I have seen many questions from other members about dealer buybacks. Let me preface this post with this I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY AND I AM NOT GIVING LEGAL ADVICE. With that out of the way I will tell you my story. Just before buying my 2004 Armada I had a 2002 Tahoe. This Tahoe was a good car execept for the fact that the AC kept breaking. After many trips to the local Chevy dealer without it staying fixed for more than a week I gave up. I was pissed at these guys because of their incompatance and general disregard for customer satisfaction. I called a Lemon Law Attorney. I was told as long as the vehicle is under warranty the Lemon Law applies. Now the problem has to affect one of two areas SAFETY or VALUE. My problem being the AC, that was a case of value. Now, I was told that you have to have given the dealer (any authorized dealer) a reasonable number of attempts to fix the problem. I was told for issue of Value the courts have said four attempts is the magic number. As for issues of safety it can be as few as two. Now the safety issues can be things like brake failure engine stalling ETC. But again all of these issues shoud but discussed with a Lemon Law Attorney.
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