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andy said:
Chroming roof rack would run $600 for the whole rack. 1 year warranty on chrome. Price goes down if there are more people wanting to do it.
It's a vacuum chrome process that is being used by companies like Harley on their bikes.

Now that I know its $600, I'm going to forget about it. I'd rather get an exhaust or CAI or ???
I've been on the search for a chrome plating company for the door moldings and have found a good bit of info. There are a few different processes for plating plastic. Vacuum Metalizing is the least expensive of the lot, but the finish is not as good as chrome. Then the other extreme is the "show quality" actual chrome plating which can be done as well. Obviously with the higher quality you have a higher price. This is the other end of the spectrum if you want to get a comparison.
You also have a process called electoless silver/clearcoat, that is somwhere in the middle by a company called Atlaschrome. These give you some more options but it aint cheap.
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