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We took our 2004 Armada to an automated car wash and we were told by the attendant that we could not send it through because the piece of moulding above the back window has a defect and the top side is just held on with double-stick tape from the factory. He said that all the car washes have been notified that when the high-pressure air from the dryer at the end of the wash pushes water under the moulding, it causes a problem with the automatic transmission and it cannot be taken out of park. I thought this sounded like a good way for me to have to pay $10 more for a hand-wash, so I went to another car wash and was told the same thing. They refuse to send my Armada through the automated wash. I have called three dealerships and they have not heard of such a problem. I then went back to the car wash and asked to see something in writing (i.e. the notification they received) but they were unable to find it. Has anyone else encountered this?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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