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Carbotech Pads - Brakes Squeeking

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i had carbotech pads and SS lines installed about 2,500k miles ago. after installation, brakes did not make any type of noise whatsoever!

but in the past 2 wks, they are beginning to squeek. the squeeking happens when i'm about to come to a stop. right before the truck is at a stand still. i'm talking about when i'm inching into a parking spot, then that damn squeek! when i'm breaking at higher speeds, no squeeking! even at parking lot speeds, no squeek......only when inches from a complete stop!!

anyone else haivng this issue?

any suggestions on how i can remedy this?

thanks in advance!
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scr38 said:
Did you break the glaze on the rorors when you installed the Carbotech pads? Look at this picture from JT's post ( ). It is very important to do this step and bed in the Carbotech pads, following the instructions that came with the pads.
yes, they broke the glaze.......exactly how its shown in the pic!

if these initial steps weren't followed, wouldn't this cause the brakes to squeek early on rather than driving 2,500k on them?
andy said:
What is breaking the glaze for?
it's a simply way of resurfacing the rotors.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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