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Care Package From GregV

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I received a "care package" from GregV this afternoon. New brake pads, brake lines and fog light kit. The fog light kit was a snap to install. Takes about 15 minutes. The other mods will have to wait a few days 'til I have time to install.
Greg does a great job for us! :)
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Hey man,

How much did all that run you? I'm really interested to hear how much your brakes improve after you put on the pads and ss lines. Can you post some pics?

I'd like to get a similar care package as well.. :) I'm a little concerned because they just replaced my calipers, rotors and pads with the supposed "permanent fix", so I'm wondering if the pads are the same. Did you get the carbotechs?

Thanks for any info!
Carbotech pads -$75.00
Crown SS braided brake lines (with new gaskets and mounting clips) - $105.00
Fog Light Kit (with new switch stalk) - $168.00

The new stalk has stronger detents on the light switch. On my old one I had to be carefull when using the turn signals - I could turn the lights off because the light switch rotated so easily.
I don't know if the pads will fit the new brake fix, which we may or may not get.
I hope to install the brakes next week. I will take pictures.
Greg hooked me up with my fogs too! All my dealer purchases are definitely going to be done through Greg at Mossy!!
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