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Cargo Carrier Mounting Tip

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Just thought I'd share.

If your like me and didn't go for the $500 cargo carrier; one of the big differences is the mounting hardware.

I only paid $180 at Sportmart for my Thule Frontier, and is long enough for water skis, and all our vests, ropes etc. Has dual clasping lock. Nice unit all in all, and looks good on the Armada. But the mounting hardware is beyond ridiculous! That's the big thing you get with the expensive units.

So I did something to mine that makes it 100 times easier to mount, and it's a really easy mod. Buy some two part epoxy..preferably JB Weld, and glue the inside bracket and outside bracket (shown) in place, so when you slide the unit up on your truck all you have to do is hold a single bracket underneath the roof rack spines, and slide the bolts up into the cargo carrier. No more holding three brackets at once and trying to get them all to line up!

I don't recommend the clear two-part epoxies at all. JB Weld is really good stuff. Your brackets will not fall off later with that stuff.


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Cool_armada said:
Nice looking man , can you post front pics for i wana side the wide andmay i know from you got it?
he got it from Sport mart :cool:
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