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I don't want to cross-post too much, but if you go over to in the performance modification section there is a ton of info about exhaust systems and a bunch of data in a "sticky" about all the various mods and how they affected acceleration times and dyno runs.

Since our system is a different length, you can't take the Titan systems and just bolt them on. But many of them are using the same Y pipes and mufflers, so that might give you an idea.

I have not modded my own exhaust, so I can be objective. I haven't fallen in love with any particular style, sound or that sort of thing. It does seem over there that the 'Y" pipe is restrictive and that changing it out to a larger one or going to a muffler that has a dual in, single out (thus replacing the Y pipe) is generating more power.

Just check the data and make up your own mind. I'm looking at the Y pipe issue, as it seems that it really necks down. I am considering replacing the Y pipe and leaving the rest of the Armada system stock and see what happens.
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