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I dont want to add aftermarket amp or speakers, in this phase. Just affordably enhance my head unit features to 21st century Android levels.

I have a 06 Nissan Armada LE w/Nav and a factory Bose system. I am replacing stock stereo with Atoto S8 Pro HU with only 2v pre-outs, but keeping OEM speakers, amp, and subwoofer in place. I've purchased all the harnesses needed to keep steering controls, and connect to the factory antenna and harness, as well as bought an AudioConnect LC6i line output to get prees back to 4v.

Where is the LOC going in line; Atoto HU > LOC > Bose amp? I didn't buy the sub knob with the LV6i, but hope to just EQ the bass well enough from the HU settings. I enjoy bass heavy music but don't need for the neighbors to be entertained too.

Any pitfalls I should be made aware of before I give this install a DIY novice try?
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