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LVArmada said:
I have an 05 with the bench seat and two kids 7mos and 4yrs. When I put the infant seat base in the center I tried the lap/shoulder belt and it really made the seat tilt to the side. I decided to use the anchor points on the out board seats to secure the base. This renders the third row unusable and I had to double up on the anchor that the other car seat uses.
Just wanted to chime in here even though this is an old post - but beware of putting your seats in like's very unsafe to have two seats on one latch hook.

As for the tilting when you install in the center seat - use the locking plate attachment that comes w/ the seat. I have my infant base installed in the center, and it tilted horribly using the seatbelt locking mechanism, but if I put it in the 'old fashioned' way using the metal locking plate that came w/ the seat it works spectacularly. And, I can still put the outboard seat up and down for third row access (which I do regularly for the dog).

It will be a pain when we are using two regular seats though. We'll probably switch my oldest into a booster seat w/ a back that uses the seatbelt.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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