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Chrome front plate underneath the grille dented

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Hey guys, I have this problem...on my Armada the chrome plate, underneath the grille, has a dent. The Dealership said it'll cost roughly around $200-300 (Can.). I don't really want to spend that money, and so is there any way I could fix it? One t.v. i saw the 'Pop-A-Dent' tool which you just put a little hot glue on the tip, place it on the dent, attach another tool on it and just pull it off basically. I'm not sure if that'll work. Or I heard people using toilet plungers getting rid of dents lol. So please tell me if there is a simple way of fixing it or if you know someone who's selling that part for cheap. Thanks. There is a pic showing where the dent is located. (But that Armada in the pic. isn't mine...just using it as an example)


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$200-300 isn't bad, but you may be able to shop around for paintless dent repair from an autobody shop. They can take out many door dings, etc. for around $75. Then there is always the get the part from the boneyard and put it on yourself. :chainsaw:
I doubt they can pop a dent on the chrome fender part. Those pop a dent thing on tv is a joke.
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