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Clarion N.I.C.E questions..

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Well I just spent several hours reading through all the posts and I still have some unclarified questions regarding this unit. If anyone knows the answers ... any and all info would be much appreciated!

1) From reading the posts I have surmised that video mode on the Clarion shuts down while the truck is in motion. So basicly you can't watch DVDs and drive. Is this accurate? Not like you can install a speed sensor switch since everything is internalized with the unit.

Someone had posted that they got around the issue by turning off the Clarion NICE and then switching it on after the truck was already in motion. Hmmm.. So I am wondering if that is actually all there is to it or if there are any caveats. For instance will video mode shut down as soon as you stop at a light and start moving again. Not that I want to watch movies.. but the ball and chain wants a video system and I want Nav.

2) Basicly I plan on buying a DVD player and hooking it's audio out into the Bose system so it's sound can be controlled via the steering wheel plus we'll realize all the other bells and whistles like working headphones etc.. I would then hook the video signal into the Clarion NICE unit. Sounds simple enough.. but will this work or has anyone done it this way? Am I nuts?

:confused: Me after reading 4 hours.. I think I need a beer now.
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I'm shopping for a NICE right now, do you need to get any additional accessories or does it work out of the box? I see option such as GPS antennas or cables, are those needed or I can get it at a latter date? Thanks.
Thanks Beast, I check Price Grabber and see it as low as $780.
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