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Club titan down?

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I can't get into clubtitan, is it down?
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Working for me.
Hmm, it doing it again. No webpage is there is says.

Jason B said:
Hmm, it doing it again. No webpage is there is says.

just type in and you'll get it every time.
yeh sorry bout that guys. I have working on this problem for a while. Its something with the new server but I still cant figure it out. Give me time I will solve it.
Ahh, you are right. I guess it doesn't work unless you have the www in front. Strange. Most of the time I just type into my browser instead of the full addy, and that's what's causing it.
The clubtitan adiminstrator just needs to add a dns 'a' record entry for

There probably is only a entry now.
I can get to it from my work computer and my phone/pda but not home computer. Any ideas?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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