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From my ealier thread:

You see that I installed an aftermarket DVD system into my 2005 LE with sunroof.

2005 does not have the vibration bracket from the 2004 TSB, and Nissan wouldn't budge on the fact that they made a mistake. They actually told me that my installers should have known better! This is incredible when you also find out that most 2005's that are getting DVD systems put in by the dealers are not receiving the bracket treatment either! I spoke with two dealers and they said, "We don't actually install them, we have another company come out and do it, and we've never had any complaints." Neither dealership was even aware of the '04 TSB, so if you have an '05 with a DVD and sunroof, and it was installed by the dealer.....

So, I ended up doing the bracket conversion myself since the dealerships had no idea what I was talking about and they were going to charge me $300 (initial quote was $800) in labor to make the change, for a TSB that is rated at less than an hours worth of work.

The good news is that the project took me less than an hour, and overall was fairly easy (for someone handy) because the most difficult part of the job was already completed; the M6 rivnuts were already installed in the 2005 Mada, so no drilling or special equipment was required as per the TSB.

Putting the console back onto the ceilng was somewhat of a trick. The bracket was sitting loose, andwhen you bring the console up to the ceiling you have to line up three sets of holes...blind. Snapping the console back-up into the ceiling wasn't the simpliest thing either. Now that I've done it once it's not that hard, but the problem is your just not sure how much pressure, where to put the pressure etc.

The best news is that the bracket works :awesome: At speed now the DVD doesn't vibrate anymore than anything else in the vehicle. The headliner doesn't have anymore excessive vibration either. It's now a quality piece that I no longer would be embarrased to have an adult watch the screen at 70 mph in a brand new 40 thousand dollar truck.

The interesting this is that the bracket does not add anymore mounting points nor does it directly brace the DVD monitor, it just simply connects the two console mounting points together with a single bracket. By connecting the two mounting points you get added stiffness, but also dampening as well, so the console is not absorbing impacts, but is being dissapated by smaller vibrations. :smart: Designing a solution that will work on an already existing design is not an easy thing to do. I'm certain Nissan learned a valuable lesson from this mistake.

By the way, I paid $67 for the part. My dealer gave me a 20% discount. The dude from Jerseyparts told me he could get the part, but never got back to me with a price. I'm not dealing with him again, leaker.
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