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Considering Buying an Armada but...

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Hello everyone, I am considering purchasing an 05 Armada but I'm hearing alot about the problems that several of you are mentioning. The brake problems, steering wheel vibs at highway speeds, squeeks and rattles. Are they that bad. I am really anal about buying a vehicle (especially this price) with even minor problems like this that would drive me crazy. I got burned on an Isuzu (Isucku) a few years ago and don't want to make the same mistake. I drove one last weekend at the local dealer and it had the shimmy right off the lot with 27 miles on it. THen I drove one today with no problem like the first. Is this going to be a hit or miss affair. I am thinking about waiting until the 06's come out this coming winter to see how the problems are handled by Niss and if they fix them on later models. Any help would be priceless to me. :confused:
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Great vehicle

I think you'd be fine with an '05. I have the permanent brake fix installed on my Armada and the brakes are as smooth as glass. The powertrain is worth every penny in my opinion. After going through plenty of 1st year issues with mine, I've decided to keep it. There's just nothing out that compares with the power, comfort, and overall ability of the Armada.

Take your time on the test drive, and most importantly, make sure the service department is a good one! From what I've been reading the newest brakes are supposed to be released today (Feb 15th). Just make sure the one you pick has all the latest and greatest.
It's true

It's true, as much as I hate to admit it. Of course I've got a very early model (bought it in Feb of last year). There's nothing out that will tow, haul ass, and keep you in comfort as well as the Armada.

I've driven a couple of '05's and they've been sweet. Take a good test drive and you'll be ok.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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