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Always wanted to do this.. two things generally stand in my way... a) I don't have the capacity in tooling, equipment, or time, and b) no local shop here would touch this job with a 10 foot pole.

Do you guys do installations at your shop? Louisiana wouldn't be a bad road trip :)
No installs for me just not enough time, I'm to busy with the fulltime job and welding bpipes on the days off. There are several customers in your area and NC that have had headers installed. I know a guy in Virginia who has done several header installs. Best thing to do is make a post on here and and ask for a installer in your area.

As far as tools it does not take a lot of speciality stuff. All you need is a floor jack and jack stands, 14mm sockets, wrenchs and extensions thats about it. A 14mm ratcheting wrench is my #1 tool with this header job. 2wd's are not that horrible but the 4wd can be a little of a pain with the extra stuff in the way. What a difference the Stage 1 or 2 makes in power without loosing any mpg... :)
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