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Here's my very first post. I've been lurking since July, bought my Armada on June 25.

I've noticed that on downhills, while on cruise control, the vehicle surges (adds and reduces power, cyclically). However, the changes in power can only be felt as slight acceleration and deceleration; not enough to show changes in tachometer or speedometer.

At first, I thought it was some built-in technology to maintain speed on the downhills by automatically applying brakes, but I think that would be better accomplished by downshifting. In fact, I did find a discussion on April 2005 that described the cruise control downshifting on downhills. However, mine does not downshift, or the downhill slopes I've encountered have not been sufficient to require a downsihft.

I also ran a test on a downhill stretch, by turning off cruise control right in the middle of the surging. It turned out that there was more than enough engine braking to maintain speed, and by taking my foot off the accelerator, there was enough engine braking to actually slow down.

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?

BTW, no other problems yet. I do notice brake dust on the wheels, but no judder (yet) after almost 10,000 miles. Vehicle was manufactured 06/05.
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