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Custum wheels - do I need sensors?

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Hi there...
sitting here in Germany and wait for my QX. It will arrive here within the next 2 weeks. Now here is my problem: Since there is not a single real wintertire in size 265-70-18 available on the whole planet, I figured that there is the COOPER Discoverer MS snow tire avalable in 275-60-20 now. Ok. So I need
20´wheels now. But what does this tire-pressure-information-thing say to custum wheels? Do I need (new) sensors for new wheels?

Since we don´t have Infiniti dealerships in germany and since Armadas are not know by german Nissan dealers, there is no one to ask this question here...

Thank you in advance for answers...
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If you replace the sensors, or install wheels with sensors that did not come with your vehicle you will need to get the sensors activated. The dealer can do this, and some tire shops can also.
Look at attachment. Note that is no longer necessary to do this after a tire rotation.


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drcookie said:
SCR, thanks for the info. Please clarify this scenario:

If I have two sets of wheels (one set for winter and one set for summer) and both sets have tire pressure sensors installed. Does it mean every time I swap the wheels, I need to get the sensors reprogrammed? Can the vehicle recognize 8 sensors?

Sorry for newbie questions.
Good question. and I'm not sure of the answer. Let me do some research and I'll get back.
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