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Damaged Brake Piston

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I've posted a few times on brake squeals, pulling to the right and uneven brake pad wear. After the last visit where the service rep assured me that nothing was wrong, I pulled the brakes (again) to inspect them.

I measured the pads and they're within specs (about a 1/4" of pad left). I'm still working to compare the rotor photos to see if I have the upgrade. And then I checked out the pistons.

Photos attached and you can see for yourself the chips on the surface of the pistons.

I'm guessing another call to the service guy, another trip in, and hopefully some resolution to all of this nonsense.


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This is not the first report of this problem. Pictures of damaged pistons have been posted before. Look here:
The damage is probably due to overheating. This could be caused by very heavy braking, combined with a poor pad material/design. There is some evidence that most of the rotor warping may be due more to the pads than the rotors. The new pads are a different compound.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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