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Damn this thing can tow!

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I just got back from Lowe's with 87 bundles of shingles, 15 rolls of felt, plywood, nails, etc. etc. My poor little cargo trailer was seriously struggling to hold the 11,000 lbs.worth of materials.

The Armada, on the other hand, pulled it effortlessly all the way home. I only had a few miles to go (thank God) but this vehicle seriously impressed me today. My old Tahoe would have puked and died under such a strain.

And since I'm handing out props, Haulmark makes a hell of a trailer as well. :D
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Cillyone said:
All the old school tow gurus scoff at IRS, but what they don't grasp is the accurate and rigid location of the rear wheels VS what a loose and sloppy leaf spring/shackle/solid axle setup delivers in side-to-side movement. Another plus is a short rear overhang which locates the rear axle closer to the hitch than almost any other tow vehicle I can think of. And last, but certainly not least, the Armada simply has the very best gas V8 engine(and trans) available. Now if they could get their interior quality fit&finish on par with my 4Runner they will have a world beater, but I will take what I can get, cause that right hand pedal works sooooo good.

PS. this is my last post as a old "newbie" so you guys had better respect me in the morning, after I've given you the best years of my life. Yup, I almost feel all growed up.
Based on your sweet piece of property, I'd take all grown up and retired! :)
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