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2013 Armada Platinum 8 passenger
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Hey everyone,

We've had our 2013 Armada Platinum 4x4 for about a year now. Only put about 14k kms on it, it now has 153k kms on the clock. For the first few months we had it back at the dealer a fair bit dealing with an SRS issue. He ended up changing the passenger seat to resolve that one. Cost them over $5k...

Now that I've had some time, I decided to do the obligatory maintenance:

1. I've now done 2 oil changes, using Kirkland Signature Synthetic 5w30. 10k km change interval. First oil change was very dirty, this last one I could have gone longer (but won't). Used a Fram filter on the first change, Wix on the second.

2. I did a drain and fill on the transmission last weekend. Honestly, it looks like it either hasn't been done in a really long time, or possibly never. I plan to do at least 1 or 2 more drain and fills on it, using Valvoline MaxLife ATF Full Synthetic. I've had really good experience with this product in my Pathfinder (just rolled 380k km, original powertrain), and the Armada shares the same transmission. I get it at Walmart for about $35 for 5L. Need that fluid to be nice and bright red. Right now its quite dark, mostly brown.

3. I want to change the remaining lubricants, including front and rear differential, as well as the Transfer Case. Honestly not sure if I will bother with the T-Case though. I changed it finally on my 2005 pathfinder last year for the first time, and it came out super clean and not degraded at all. Might be different on the Armada with the 'Auto' mode though, so I will probably end up doing it. Just lazy I guess!

4. Haven't touched the coolant. I do have about 4 jugs of Nissan Blue 50/50 sitting in my shop. But living up north, I will probably also get a jug of concentrate so I can bump up the freezing point a smidge from the 50/50, to probably about 55/45. I may get to this now, or wait til spring. The fluid looks really good. I am sure it has been changed at some point.

With regards to the differentials, the FSM says the Front take s 80W-90 API GL-5 (1.6L) and the rear diff takes Synthetic 75W-90 (1.75L)

My questions are:

1. In my reading, I see that older Armada's/Titans took 75W-140 for the rear diff. Something about a bulletin from Nissan. Should I be getting that kind of oil?
2. I did buy some Motomaster Synthetic 75W-90. Can I just put that in both the front and rear diff?

Any thoughts are appreciated!
Terry in Winnipeg

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Basically, the answer is yes to both of your questions. Many people switch over to the 75w-140, although I have seen it more with Titan owners than armada owners, as typically they do more towing than the Armada folks do, and they also have fluid seepage issues as the Titan rear diff isn't vented. I just changed the fluid in both of my diffs and stuck with the 75w-90...I probably would have gone with the heavier fluid in the rear had I thought of it, but I just went with what was in the manual. Yes, the fluid you have should work fine in the front and rear diff.
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