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Dip Rims....finally Got My Chrome!

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Just wondering if anyone has DIP RIMS or has heard any feedback on them? I finally got my CHROME RIMS! After hounding my husband I got DIP D10's....just 18". My husband didn't want to spend anymore money on new tires. We got a great deal at Tire plus. $190 per rim....I think that's a good deal......right?

Thanks for your help Lonnie, are you excited for me? Hee, hee.

Once I get them on I will definitely send a pic of my 'Mada. :D
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Glad to hear that I got a pretty good deal on my rims. I took a road trip to Iowa (visiting family), so while I was there I figured they would be a bit cheaper than hear in NY.
Now just have to get them on. I'm thinking that I should have Nissan do thew job because of that SENSOR thingy. How does that sensor work anyways?

Oh....and while driving to Iowa, SOOOO many people were staring at the Armada. It was so funny. You can tell they were trying to figure out what kind of truck it was. While in Iowa I had a few people come up to me and say, that's nice...WHAT IS IT? Ha, ha. The 'Mada got A lot of looks! Especially in the midwest because not many people out there like or have foreign's all FORD, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge or Chevy. It's so weird.
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