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I wonder if Nissan finnaly got a hold of their bugs and fixed the problems.

I have only had my Armada for a month, but with 4,500 miles (4,000 while towing a 16ft. box trailer) I have not had any of the problems often mentioned here and on other forums (Noises, Rattles, Broken Parts, etc.) with the exception of the Brake dust isuue.

When I purchased my Armada (LE 4x4 Tech DVD), I wanted to make sure I got one that was manufactured well into the production year to help minimize any chance of "First Year Bugs". Well my manufacture date is 09/04, so as I knock on wood, I hope Nissan got all the bugs out.

I'll keep you all posted on my Armada's progress and let you know if it experiances any problems. Any other owners out there with recent mfg. dates care to report on their status?
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