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Does anyone in Cali have this?

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I purchased my 04 in Novemeber, and i paid $600 for an option that basically sprays the outside and interior with a scotchguard type solution that protects your paint, seats, and underbody. I have a claim in right now to have a few stains removed, and if they can not be removed, they replace the fabric. here's the website if anyone is interested.
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Some dealers and some furnature makers offer this. The "paint" protector is just a wax. The cloth is a true coating that lasts for a few years. They expect you to turn your vehicle over after 3 years average, so they base the cost on this and the life of the product, etc. Bean counters. When its all said and done, I bought leather instead. Much more tear and stain resistent to begin with and I like the feel. ;)
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