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Door Panel Removal

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I want to remove my rattling door panels to dynamat between the door panel and door itself. Does any one have instructions to remove the door panel?
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There are 5 screws holding the panel on, along with I'd say about 10 "trees" that pop into holes.

The screws are located behind the armrest (pull up from the back- it takes some force), behind the latch panel (2), and 2 behind the door handle. The handle panel will pop off from the bottom with a flat screwdriver.

Once you have them, just pull on the panel (starting from the top-back of the door) and you will see the panel come off. Be sure you don't lose any of the little "tree" things that pop into the holes. After you get the top of the panel removed, you might pop your power window/lock controller up (from the inside) and disconnect it. Also, you'll have to reach in (before you get the bottom part of the panel off) and disconnect the door lock and inside handle cables from the door. It's self-explanatory once you get in there. Overall it's a pretty easy thing to get the panels off.

Honestly, I've had my panels off a few times (did an audio install) and it seems the panels are pretty well insulated against rattles. I would pull the panel off and either take a drive or just shake the door back and forth and see if you still have the rattle. I've had some nasty ones that are coming from either the window track hardware inside the door, or from inside the door frame at the top where the window goes. I had to pull out my weatherstripping to get to one. It still does it from time to time.

I've got creaking noises from my doors whenever there's body flex (like turning onto an incline) and still haven't got them all. I knew I should have waited for th 05's.

For more info, see the "Armada rattle thread" on this site.
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Thanks for the help! I removed the panel on the door making the most noise, and put foam weather stripping in between the door panel and door where they meet at the back just below the window and down to the door strike. Rattling is gone (permanently, I hope!).

I followed these diections for getting the door panel off. THey were perfect. THANKS!
After Dynamatting my door, and putting everything back on, I got the same damn rattle/squeak/creak noise.
I've isolated the creaking noise to the arm rest (that pops off) rubbing on the door rubber material behind it.
I wedged in some paper cards and the noise went away.

It looks stupid with cards sticking out. Ijust need to figure out a better permanent fix.
Door Panel Removal Diagram

Here is a good diagram to help you get that door panel off. I Dynamatted the whole damn door and it still makes the same noise. Then when I took the arm rest piece off, the noise stopped. Go figure. Now I just left the arm rest off for peace and quiet.


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