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Outside of being more expensive vs. the JBA, has anyone installed the Doug Thorley Tri-Ys??? ... 2010-2016 Nissan Patrol / Infiniti QX56 5.6L (400HP) Tri-Y Headers
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Also, in researching I ran across Nissan Nuts break down on the exhaust system sensors.. seems to all makes sense now but why did the factory have a need for dual cats? or is that last bulge really just a resonator..??
A new cat-ed B pipe solution is definitely needed when doing the long tubes...
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My biggest fear is doing this needed repair/upgrade and failing emissions... Ive seen gents on the Tube do this upgrade and never mention emission or inspections... (nor ECU updates) I need reliability not drama... Lol... feedback appreciated...

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Before JBA started making headers for our trucks, DT and Stillen were the only options and they came at a premium cost. Nothing wrong with JBA and I'm saying this from personal experience. My 04 had JBA LT headers, PRT b-pipes, Uprev, etc. and what a beast that truck turned out to be. Plus, no problems passing yearly inspections/emissions in NYC.
The same can be said for my current QX80. JBA LT headers, Cajun HM catted b-pipes, Uprev, etc. and its even a crazier beast than the 04. Of course, no problems passing inspections/emission either.

While there are some that'll tell you Uprev isn't needed, l'm not one of them. Uprev is what dials in all those mods to obtain the most gains in regards to HP and TQ but the same time, it does so efficiently.
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